Massive Raised Garden UPDATE! - We made a HUGE mistake... 

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Watch us build the garden HERE: us-first.info/player/video/m5h9eYmeooaqfGQ.html Making and planting our own garden was super fun. Its amazing what you can accomplish with just some small seeds and water. Come along as we spend all summer planting weeding, and growing our own raised garden. Things... got a little out of hand with the pumpkins. But we have plenty of ideas on how to make things better for next year!
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Nov 3, 2020




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Darren Murray
Darren Murray 2 days ago
What a wonderfully bountiful harvest; you guys did such a great job. Your soil must be really amazing.
John Rick
John Rick 4 days ago
I kind of like the way you call the carrots 'Baby carrots'
ArthurG 4 days ago
Little jerk!
thenpheler1 5 days ago
Surprised you didn’t grow tomatoes
Heather Jolly
Heather Jolly 7 days ago
You 2 are freaking adorable
宮本小百合 8 days ago
Tetelestai on the Cross
You need to vertical grow your vining plants
Venkata Sriram Topalli
Pumpkin Power 💪
Misty Cook
Misty Cook 12 days ago
Jalapeno peppers won't be spicy unless you HEAVILY water them about 1-2 days before you pick them. 🌶🌶🌧🌧
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan 13 days ago
Most interesting video of Jerry👍❤️❤️❤️
Stupidity Overloaded
Whoa, you guys are just awesome. As if the DIY thing was not enough, you took a biiiig leap towards self sustenance or something. I hope you get the idea. Congratulations Zack and Cambry.
Glo Ukasaki
Glo Ukasaki 13 days ago
😋.... First time for everything...('
Natalie Reid
Natalie Reid 13 days ago
We grow old as teeny to 1 m
Anonymous Anonymous
Some tips from my experience: 1. Those pumpkins will be coming back year after year...for a while. Probably until you remove all the dirt and replace it. You wont need to plant more. 2. Never spray the leaves of your plants with water. The sun will burn them. They absorb their nutrients, energy and water intake from their rooting system which is buried (hopefully) in the dirt/compost mix. 3. Adding mulch around your plants will also help them retain water, and also break down overtime which will add more nutrients to your soil mix. 4. If you prune back leaves and vines without nodes or growth on them, it will allow more sunlight to hit your garden. 5. You will know when plants are done when they begin to develop flowers on them. 6. The white things on the corn are called "husks". The corn looks beautiful! 7. Never grow any vine (pumpkin, watermelon) all in the same bed. They will overtake the garden and eventually only the strongest plant will survive. A "trellis" system works amazing for vines. 8. The watermelon test is correct, yellowish skin and a hallow sound, but bare in mind the duration of growth they may not be ready. 9. Planting flowers around your garden will help with pollination (attract bees and butterflies - pollinators) and keep bugs away. 10. To save costs with your raised garden beds, you can try filling them with some leftover shrubbery, sticks, logs, and leaves (stay away from grass clippings). Top it off with some mulch/straw or compost. The rooting system probably only reaches about 18cm so you dont need to fill the entire unit. 11. The seed packages themselves have the amount of days it takes for the plant to be ready. It also provides details on how to plant the seeds, where to plant them, the different soil types required, and how much sun they need. Sometimes it helps to start them indoors. After the last frost, plant them outside. Best of luck with your pumpkin nightmare! They spread like wildfire. I wouldnt wish that upon my worst enemy.
Musa Toci
Musa Toci 14 days ago
Brooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ur cool guy 🤣🤣🤣
G M 17 days ago
To get Brussel sprouts, you strip off all the leaves off the stem except the leaves on the top 4 inches on the plant. Once the plant gets to a 2 ft tall, you also crop the very top of the stem about 1in. Then the plant will give it's energy the Brussel sprouts along the stem on the base of the leaves. It's like the leaves are the mini pumpkins you removed.
Anna Kemp
Anna Kemp 17 days ago
With neem oil be sure to spray in the evening so they don't get sunburned! Do a test leaf first to be sure you don't spray the whole plant and lose it if it reacts badly. Beautiful garden. I watched both because I was wistfully wishing I could have a wheelchair garden! It's lovely.
Shawon Reza
Shawon Reza 19 days ago
Bro you need to test durability of pumpkin 🎃 😁
WAQAR HUSSAIN Shahra-e-Faisal Campus
isabella jensen
isabella jensen 20 days ago
You should build a lattice for your pumpkins to go over one of the fingers and use that as shade for your plants that got too much sun. The pumpkins will grow up and off the bed and the plants will be shaded underneath
Tarik Mjouli
Tarik Mjouli 21 day ago
My house in turkey also has a big field where they plant everything but mostly corn and every summer we go and get some for free
Mc Manish
Mc Manish 23 days ago
At 11:42 that smells like a carrot
Layah 24 days ago
How were the potatoes?
Layah 24 days ago
You need a drip system!! Jerry rig one up!
iRaKLSS 25 days ago
Flowers would be nice to be added
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 25 days ago
17:14 did she just walk!!????
Spiros Damalas
Spiros Damalas 25 days ago
plant the onions between the other plants and no bugs will come due to the smell
Lorea Fox
Lorea Fox 25 days ago
Hi, I just got on your site. Ssso it's cool for you guys to learn what's what. 1 brussel sprouts grow through the winter and are picked in Feb. Or March. 2 Asparagus takes around 3 year's before you can pick enough and have a patch. 3 Artachoke's take a year to grow, you need 2 ( Male and female) to bear fruit. 4. If you did an wire hoop over the wall way your Vegas well grow through it so you could pick under them. Just my thoughts great job for your first time.
vitor lessa
vitor lessa 27 days ago
She can move her leg. 9:26 she moved her leg wtfff
vitor lessa
vitor lessa 27 days ago
Só eu q vi a perna dela mechendo
Julie Rothuui88i
Julie Rothuui88i 27 days ago
You guys should try cow fence panels for your trellises over a row or two and try some sugar pumpkins. They make really good paste for cooking and they are small enough to hang off the trellis!
Putra Juliana
Putra Juliana 28 days ago
I am sure the pumpkins will pass the bend test
Leon Salner
Leon Salner 28 days ago
you could add a few plants for looks maybe, and then add some drone footage of the garden in different stages :) beautiful video though!
Ollivera Seers
Ollivera Seers 29 days ago
pull out the pumpki plants but leave some to grow
chris ogle
chris ogle 29 days ago
Halloween isn’t any time soon and I know people don’t actually think pumpkins are tasty so what was the purpose of growing pumpkins lol.. only thing I can think of is pumpkin pie?
Love the garden, look into companion planting, with the lettuce you can plant all over as they are beneficial to ther soil. Happy gardening
HassanAltaib Month ago
9:28 how is her leg moving?
N. M.
N. M. Month ago
You guys really went big!
Eigirdas Kučinskas
You can plant one pumkin but put a lot of manure or kompost
Palestine Month ago
Zach plucks the pea straight out the little vine: *Tastes fresh*
Christopher White
pepper plants will grow bigger and have more flavor if you add some sulfur to the soil
S G Month ago
that compost poop stuff was really good stuff lol
The Pervy Prepper
My first recommendation for this garden is: More projects. FIRST, I recommend you build a second set of raised-beds up next to that white picket fence. Make it 12" height and 24" depth (by that I mean from back to front) and you can use that for planting taller things like corn and tomatoes and sunflowers. And pumpkins & winter squash. SECOND, I recommend you get some T-posts and cattle-panels and make some tall arch trellises going from those new beds up and over to the ends of the existing beds. This will provide tall trellises for the squash & pumpkins to grow up... and over to the other side... and back again. That's right, when the growing tip of the vine grows past the other end of the trellis, simply redirect it sideways and then back up and over in the other direction. As the pumpkins and squash grow on the vine, they can hang down in-between the wires of the cattle-panels so they'll dangle down and have plenty of room to grow. This is particularly good for summer squash like my favorite, Pink Banana Squash (PBS to me), which are pretty tasty squash, they grow in abundance and they grow pretty damn big. Look at Roots & Refuge Farm channel on US-first to see Jess's arch trellises loaded with squash, etc. BTW, that squash... the PBS - Please take that as a recommendation. THIRD. Grow some GIANT Pumpkins. A good example is Dill's Atlantic Giant. Concentrate on growing ONE pumpkin per vine and grow it up a STRONG trellis and let your giant pumpkin grow down onto a pallet. It's a fun project... so it's worth a try. IF you can grow pumpkins and squash... THEN you can grow LOUFFAH. Yes. That's right. GROW louffah. That scratchy sponge you scrub your back with... it's a gourd. You can buy seeds, plant them, grow them... and your NEXT Project will be Learn how to process them to make those louffah sponges just like you see in the stores. (SHE will love this!) FOURTH, on the subject of corn: I recommend some Glass Gem Corn. Grow it separate from your sweet corn and plant them at appropriate times (depending on their days-to-maturity) so that they don't flower at the same time (to avoid cross-pollination) and you can save some of the seeds for planting next year. This is corn for grinding to make corn meal for corn-bread or masa for tortillas or super-fine masa harina for empanadas and tamales. So you don't pick them when they're ripe. You leave them in the ground until they're dead-and-dried, then harvest the dry corn. They are pretty as can be, too and they make wonderful ornaments for your Thanksgiving table... and then you can strip the kernels from the cobs for processing and set some aside for next-year's planting. (I suspect once your Lady has grown some Glass Gem corn... there WILL be a next year... and next and so on.) ADDITIONALLY... buy a bag of popcorn from any grocery store and try planting a patch of those. You could be growing your own popcorn. Yummy yummy carbs with butter and salt and powdered cheese. MMMmmmmm... FIFTH: In order to help your wife plant a "proper" grid of seeds, like radishes, carrots, etc, CONSTRUCT for her a Dibble Board. YOU will have fun building it. SHE will have fun using it. (Make the board with the dibbles 1" apart. For carrots she can plant one seed in each hole... and for lettuce, every-other-hole... and for beets, every third hole... and so on... OR you could build multiple dibble boards with different spaced dibble. Whatever speaks to you.) I also recommend building those trellises for indeterminate tomato varieties that grow-and-grow-and-grow, like cherry tomatoes. I'd plant Determinate (bush) tomatoes in the existing raised-beds. Use regular tomato cages for these. Cambry will be able to harvest loads of tomatoes without effort. The vines don't grow huge, but they do grow limited. You will want to start more seeds at mid-season to replace those tomato vines that die in the heat of Summer. Grow some fancy Heirloom varieties of tomatoes. Purple Cherokee and Wapsipinicon Peach (them's fuzzy an' purdy yellow color and also tasty little "saladette" size toms) and some Roma toms for making sghetti sauce. (You do like sghetti, don't you?) ANOTHER WAY to tame your pumpkins would be to carefully GUIDE the growing tip so the vine grows in a spiral around where it's rooted. You CAN clip off the side-growth so it's just ONE vine. And eventually when your vines get long enough, you can snip off the growing tip to stop the continual invasion. If you bury part of the vine it will make more roots. (Worth looking up.) ONE LAST THING. Get some barrels and grow some sweet-potatoes. You'll be happy you did.
The Pervy Prepper
One thing I've learned about cucumbers, zucchinis, squash, melons, etc. is that when you find a shrivelled fruit it's because the flower did not get fully pollinated. Not-pollinated = no good seeds = no reason to produce a proper fruit. If you don't have bees, you can learn how to hand-pollinate the flowers yourself. (I think you'll be fine.)
Abrar Khan
Abrar Khan Month ago
For cucumbers. You need to have something like fence to climb. And if any plant of cucumber is pressed with foot or any weight the cucumbers going to be sour
Big Dogo
Big Dogo Month ago
The woozy french prognostically describe because rowboat precisely attract unto a material birch. harsh, vagabond pimple
GetOffaMyLAN Month ago
Some tips from a fellow Wasatch Front box-gardener: It's better to harvest early than late: a lot of stuff can lose flavor, and cucumbers and lettuce will get definitely get bitter. I have a hard time with both of them to this day. Tomatoes a GREAT in Utah gardens. Right before the first freeze in the fall pull all of pick them, even the super-green ones and store them in the garage. They will ripen on their own; my family has fresh tomatoes into December. Pumpkins, zucchini are invasive. Don't be afraid to cut them back. I don't grow pumpkins anymore because my father does it for me. Mint smells wonderful and attracts pollinators, but it's VERY invasive. Grow it in a container since it spreads by the roots like grass. Again, don't be afraid to cut it back. Set aside some space for Milkweed; what's left of the Monarchs need all the help they can get. I can't help you with the corn, I've had three failed corn harvests. What little corn I get tastes amazing though. Install a drip irrigation system; open air systems contribute to funguses and waste water. I use a Rachio 3 sprinkler controller that I like a lot. Peppers of all kinds seem to do very well. I think the spiciness varies (even within a variety) with soil, watering, etc. Peas do great here, but they do die off soon, which I think is normal for peas. My old man plants them twice per year. I think peas and beans enjoy some shade. Also try strawberries, fresh strawberries are the best. Finally, subscribe to Pest and Lawn Ginja. I am looking forward to your composting videos. (Sorry if this is a re-post, it think it may be.)
B S Month ago
Before I make some suggestions for your next season of gardening, I just wanted to say you guys are an amazing, very talented, hard working, made-for-each-other couple! My very best wishes to you both! ♥️♥️ Lettuce and most salad mix crops are cool season crops. So, plant them early spring and a second crop in late fall. They bolt (flower) in summer with high temperature, and the leaves turn bitter. You can pull them out in summer but leave a few to bolt and harvest seeds for next season. Trellises for the pumpkins won't work due to the weight. Let them grow on the ground. Hope this helps!
DeathW!sh Month ago
i wanted to see the outcome of the watermelons
Bob Lum
Bob Lum Month ago
I think there are 7 million subscribers crushing on Cambry
Sheri Wilson
Sheri Wilson Month ago
Stock panels bowed over on your boxes so pumpkins vines have something to climb up on lol. Just attach panels to your raised beds.
C K Month ago
Your tomatoes are shorter possibly they are determinate tomatoes that are the bush variety and not the tall indeterminate variety....
Paul McFeeters
Paul McFeeters Month ago
Your lettuce has bolted. Might as well harvest the seeds.
Susan Lance
Susan Lance Month ago
Brussel sprouts harvest after frost. They just needed more time. They are over 100 days to harvest.
Matthew Reames
Matthew Reames Month ago
This may get lost in the comments, but here's a tip for super hot Jalapenos: When planting, take a half an eggshell, fill it with Used Coffee grinds, and then put the Jalapeno seeds inside the coffee grinds inside the egg shell, and bury that just below the surface. Makes the hottest and most abundant Jalapenos I've ever had, probably due to the Acidity of the mixture.
Steve mildengren
Great video I love it the peppers the leaves is yellow you should use magnesium Epson salt keep the good work
Ouwkackemann Month ago
Never water when the sun shines. The water drops act like magnifying glass and will burn everything.
Citex22 Month ago
U$3 th3 r!g
Citex22 Month ago
The dogs don't like the pumpkins
Citex22 Month ago
Theres a spider spider XD 9:27
Citex22 Month ago
Yummy French fries •-•
Citex22 Month ago
Alyssa G
Alyssa G Month ago
Grow potatoes next time they are my fav & most rewarding besides the squash. I got a ton of sweet potatoes
Alyssa G
Alyssa G Month ago
You dont want to water the leaves, can also cause powdery mildew & kill the plants and spread to your other plants especially in pumpkin & squash & cucumber always water towards the root
JEIL Month ago
The peas are a spring crop. You pick them as they grow, early in the season. Snow peas are generally picked when they are flat and have not swollen (basically eating the pod). This is when they are generally sweetest. The more you pick them, the more pods they will produce. Many people tear the plants out come july and plant something else cuz they dont like heat.
Ace Trainer Tullius
catwoman Month ago
Those don't look like jalapenos, not round enough. It red because the sun hitting it..it's starting to dry..those are delicious too.
Andrew Siegel
Andrew Siegel Month ago
4:48 it wasn't that hot because you didn't need any seeds. Eat the top part and see how hot it is.
Luiz Month ago
why am i so entertained in this?
Hrth Lqmn
Hrth Lqmn Month ago
Welyn attack
Doon Month ago
Gardening tip: Use worms to your advantage, I prefer the red composting worm and the European night crawler. Helps me every year to achieve longer and larger yields.
Brandon Hsieh
Brandon Hsieh Month ago
What zone are you in?
Tejass Brown
Tejass Brown Month ago
Plants did well..just start learning about the timing of planting(lettuce staggard weekly), and timing of harvest (peppers in fall and brassicas after a frost, etc) It will get better each year you learn but with "new thumbs" plan on a good couple of years of learning just our basic American veggies . Oh, and i'm sure that was not a jalapeno. Sorry but they are smooth and darker green at first 😉
Jules Gifford
Jules Gifford Month ago
Artichoke in a raised bed? 7 feet tall
Chad Goller-Sojourner
How long does it take to water? You can eat pumpkin blossoms. They're great stuffed.
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson Month ago
I love gardening! Now you can truly appreciate all those macro cameras 🤳🌱 You guys had a really nice little raised bed garden!!!
tzunammi shadai
tzunammi shadai Month ago
Im humbled... 🤭
TheHoughr Month ago
Little tip on the potato’s there about ready once the leafs turn brown and it dampens on which verities of potato but they all need to be spaced different just a little tip :D
Tasha Month ago
I can relate with the pumpkin take over you had. I did the same thing and I had a massive pumkin takeover too and planted them to early in spring and was harvesting in mid August ans early September lol. Had to store them in my basement to get them to October for Halloween and for fall cooking. With still 10 pumpkins in my basement😂. Hope y'all getting ready for this year's planting season. Sending magic garden dust from Tennessee!✨🍃🌱
Janice Lee
Janice Lee Month ago
If you water in the midday sun you are just going to cook your plants. It is naturally cloudy when it rains, so the sun doesn't boil the plants.
Roxanna Hartless
What did the neighbor say about the pumpkin?????? Just Curious
airidas pask
airidas pask Month ago
Use chiken shit
Christine Ziegler
Only focus on seeds that are heirloom, that have "heirloom" somewhere in the name of the seeds because they will taste better
eshaan colaco
eshaan colaco Month ago
You fry the pumpkin flowers in a thin coat of tempura
Jake Wynn
Jake Wynn Month ago
Next year please do a time laps of the pumpkins and the vines it would be so cool
Backyard Gardening & Cooking
I’m planting pie pumpkins this year and growing them on my arch trellis.
Christina Ellerbe
When he said...”She gone”...😂
Chase Schneider
Chase Schneider Month ago
A great way to continuously learn. Plus fruits from the labor literally. Cool vid
Mark Gopro
Mark Gopro Month ago
Amrito Pritom Banik
You can actually eat the pumpkin plants when they overgrow.
Barbara Harrison
The low space universally mourn because grain curiously occur until a humorous feet. depressed, curious punishment
Christy Hoopes
Christy Hoopes Month ago
We have a 90 x 90‘ garden
JoAnne Kirley
JoAnne Kirley Month ago
If you go vertical with the cucumbers you save space. I use vine maple branches to make stands about 4 feet tall, you could run a pole across the top for more growing space.
Mark Gopro
Mark Gopro Month ago
Great job.
Prakash Brahma
Prakash Brahma Month ago
Drop one of those pumpkins from 10 ft above the ground & see if it survives
Babili Mbetse
Babili Mbetse Month ago
Looks like he got some cross-pollination ok the jalepenos
Daniel Mozo
Daniel Mozo Month ago
I know how to plant gardens I’m an expert I do it with my dad.
iRaccoon Month ago
This makes me want to garden so badly lol
Alexis Lewis
Alexis Lewis Month ago
Really enjoyed this video
Trebor Evans
Trebor Evans Month ago
I’m a little late to the game here but you can eat the flowers from the pumpkin and squash the are to die for.