Is the Google Pixel 5 Really made of Metal? - Durability Test! 

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Its time to durability test the Google Pixel 5! Get your first audiobook and full access to the Plus Catalog for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit www.audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500! Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! Weve heard that Google has a new 'metal' Pixel 5 smartphone with wireless charging in the back. But how is that possible?! We know that Wireless charging cant work through metal. Turns out... with a few swift swipes from a razor blade, the 'metal' appears to be a layer of plastic! Very interesting. What are your thoughts? Should Google be able to call the Pixel 5's body metal? Let me know what you think down in the comments.
Watch the Teardown HERE: us-first.info/player/video/abCCl6J1ZWhoqqM.html
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Dec 2, 2020




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SR Sykes
SR Sykes Day ago
Mr. Faraday said the wireless charging should have been your clue that it was not 100% encased in metal. And you should have mentioned that there was metal missing over the camera lenses, speaker openings, microphone hole and USB port. And please don't forget the metal missing over the SIM card keyhole.
Kelvin Anarchy99
5:32 "Battery and sharp object don't go well together" Me: I'd learn something new there, thank Jerry
pablo Hernandez
pablo Hernandez 3 days ago
remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you all .
Rajdeepsinh Chavda
Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky 4 days ago
The phone is made of metal and coated in resin...so it's basically a G-Shock?
Ori Ayodele
Ori Ayodele 5 days ago
You didn't have to break it he could have just watched MKBHD's video
Lena Cheney
Lena Cheney 6 days ago
I got my S21 for 400 with no trade in. I just had to port my service to xfinity mobile. So I definitely got more than I paid for
Darren 6 days ago
I think the "100%" in the description is referring to the aluminum being 100% recycled, not that the entire phone being 100% cased in aluminum.
Action Pack 3300
Action Pack 3300 6 days ago
"Batteries and Sharp objects don't go well together. And now the phone is dead." - JerryRigEverything Never puncture or stab the battery too hard.
Clueless box
Clueless box 6 days ago
6:33 Everyone should do this tho so they don't miss the add lol
Lorenzo Valmeo
Lorenzo Valmeo 6 days ago
Ako lang ba nang hihinayang sa pinag. Gaga gawanya?
DoctorF1984 7 days ago
Scratchy boy again. It would be funny if the battery was exploding.
Funny clips
Funny clips 7 days ago
I love watching you destroy phones I will never be able to afford
Matthew Sullins
Matthew Sullins 7 days ago
Honestly they should brand it as plastic because if it was made out of aluminum/metal it would have that iPhone look where iPhones are made out of aluminum but now this should be classified as plastic because there is no physical signs of metal until you do a breakdown and it's just basically like most phones but not all where the metal is protecting some of the circuitry
TheFishFTW 8 days ago
Tbh I get it that they dont additionally disclose the cutout for wireless charging as probably every phone that has plastic holes for antennas and wireless charging dont do it either. Its kind of an obvious thing as you said: "Laws of physics" Glad it doesnt effect the structural integrity of the phone. Besides the occasional stabbing. :)
Dr Falcon
Dr Falcon 9 days ago
Now please test this phone because I do not believe in its failure-free doogee s96
DogCatCow Chicken
DogCatCow Chicken 10 days ago
That was so hilarious you killed the phone before you even meant to kill the phone 😂
Kundan Gupta
Kundan Gupta 12 days ago
You which phone used
Saurbh Garg
Saurbh Garg 12 days ago
I am sad for the phone which has handled the very hard test
Bread 12 days ago
idk what's worse, google hiding the fact that it was plastic or apple advertising that their lenses are sapphire
Dina Karan
Dina Karan 14 days ago
Hi Mr mobile doc operation is over?
The Enforcer
The Enforcer 14 days ago
Scotty Kilmer: Let's remove this cheap plastic crap.
athan nz
athan nz 14 days ago
its so smooth display
Josh 14 days ago
The fingerprint sensor works through paper too
Thierry Sebatiao
Thierry Sebatiao 15 days ago
Fraco e caro
Simo Karuse
Simo Karuse 17 days ago
God damn it google... It already took me like 5 minutes to find this video and this is what I get? LOL
energy booster
energy booster 18 days ago
Sir don't waste it if it is possible give it too me
นรบดี ฤดีนรเวท
I always watch your durability video I always says "hahaha" 555+
jefferee2002 19 days ago
America, where you can take a brand new $650 phone and immediately destroy it as easily as one takes a piss.
FBI AGENT 19 days ago
That note 10 that he is using SEEING HIS FRIENDS DIE
NotYouAgain 20 days ago
Crazy how that screen just pops out during the bend test.
Prakhar Shukla
Prakhar Shukla 22 days ago
He removed the display cover after the scratch test!!!
Kaleem 22 days ago
Every phone has some metal in it. That doesn't make it a metal phone. That's a plastic phone if I ever saw one.
Akane Miyoshi
Akane Miyoshi 23 days ago
The cutting part is a clash of plastic and metal sounds, it's so beautiful seeing it get tortured for science. Interesting choice of materials I would say.
know It
know It 23 days ago
Why don't you make unboxing video...even u can earn double money from unboxing n durability test
Aryan Khanna
Aryan Khanna 23 days ago
Finally I'm escaped out of samsung ads
kikie jahn
kikie jahn 23 days ago
I so scare went you cut the battery 🔋 place
Jomari Gongon
Jomari Gongon 23 days ago
I wish some one send me pixel 5 as a gift😭
Jomari Gongon
Jomari Gongon 23 days ago
Its made me cry 😭 i wish i can take that pixel 5 before it broke😭
Gen Z euronymous
Gen Z euronymous 23 days ago
Thats actually a really good looking phone from a company that has made some ugly phones
Jerry bro i am por so please can't give me a iPhone 12pro max please🙏🙏 I am a big fan of Indian I love you❤ Jerry brother
venkatesh 24 days ago
Stop destroying everything. Please give me one bro. I really need one phone for my gaming life.
random studios
random studios 24 days ago
"Deeper grooves"
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone 24 days ago
When they advertise as metal but it turns out plastic that's a dear phone for what it is PLASTIC
Tiến Vũ
Tiến Vũ 24 days ago
phá điện thoại hay lắm chàng trai với những quốc gia nghèo như chúng tôi để sở hữu cái điện thoại đó chúng tôi phải đi làm 4 tháng liên tục
Stepan Borisov
Stepan Borisov 24 days ago
Is this video triggering anyone else as you see someone destroying a really good phone
Truong Bui
Truong Bui 25 days ago
Wear a glove while cutting man, omg
Iron KABUTAR Bazii
Iron KABUTAR Bazii 25 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭I got
Ankur Bhattacharjee
It is made of Both.... inside metal & outside plastic.
Khandaker calvin
Khandaker calvin 25 days ago
Samsung galaxy a51 ability
Tyler Leonard
Tyler Leonard 25 days ago
What happened to good old fashioned drop tests? Who tf chooses to mutilate their phone with a razorblade
zeeshan ali
zeeshan ali 25 days ago
Hey Jerry which phone is best for gaming
Alexandros Zervos
Alexandros Zervos 26 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 😮
adyl57 26 days ago
Vince Cannava II
Vince Cannava II 26 days ago
They've been falling short for a very long time. If they don't impress with the pixel 6 xl I'm going to jump ship.
Vince Cannava II
Vince Cannava II 26 days ago
Because I've subscribed to this channel does that make me a masochist to watch him destroy beautiful things?
CTN交 FLAMEING' 27 days ago
Is google pixel made of metal? Well the answer is... yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesye yes yes yes yes yesyes
szewei1985 27 days ago
Hahahaha. This phone more explosive than note 7. Deng it.
youngling destroyer
Watching this on a pixel 5 rn 😎
человек • 3 года назад
Hello l'm from Russia;)
DH Lim
DH Lim 29 days ago
the usual big tech fraud.
alalone35 Month ago
A quoi ça sert de détruire un téléphone ????
Pasha Soro
Pasha Soro Month ago
Loved the smart sponsor implementation in this video, my compliments!
Marki de Sade
Marki de Sade Month ago
I would've liked to have known that they utilized bio resin. I enjoy my pixel 5 anyway, but that would've earned some definite extra points in its favor. Based on my basic (freshly googled) information, it looks like bio-resin is generally reconstituted cellulose, similar to the various types/brands of viscose rayon. That would definitely explain why the acetone test didn't to anything. Something that you could maybe do in the future for other devices that are made of bio resin: do a burn test on a chunk that you've removed from the device. I would guess that it'd have a basic heat-resistant coating, but it should otherwise turn more to ash vs developing a hard, shrunken edge.
Yehuda D Malamud
Google lied 🤔
Denis Thomas
Denis Thomas Month ago
I don't mind plastic on phones, i really don't. In case of falling, the impact will have little to no effect on the phone. Yes glass is beautiful to hold and stuff, but glass is glass, and glaas breaks. It's nice to see plastic flagship options in phones.
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili Month ago
Nick Giesler
Nick Giesler Month ago
got a built-in case
Souparno Chatterjee
Your video is satisfying
WASDxMerceless Month ago
This guy is a psychopath
Pride909 Month ago
So it's durable lol
Ed Cambri
Ed Cambri Month ago
Nathan's Toy Box
the adventures of pahadi
Stop doing it please i cant afford it.. m using mi note 5 pro for 4 years 🤣
xRagnarok05x Month ago
You're doing good work, but my soul cries watching you take a box cutter to a phone lol.
recording vig
recording vig Month ago
Total plastic
zjs random's
zjs random's Month ago
Lt me give you my opinion: I dont think so anyone would buy a phone to do the stuff which ur doing ..... I gt it its a durability test but still no one would do that to his/her phone . So instead of doing that to the phones why don't he give away to some random people it would dedinitely make people happy and make them smile..... I feel this is so unessary !!
Guillermo desu
Guillermo desu Month ago
5:30 I spilled my coffee 😅
Chip Ryan
Chip Ryan Month ago
It's just stupid plastic coming out of a bag of Doritos
McFlave Month ago
The could have just said it's an aluminum-reenforced bioresin unibody.
Darayy Month ago
*"This video has been removed due to violating Google's terms & conditions"*
Bara Naga
Bara Naga Month ago
Buat henset cikai pastu juai mahai. Musibat betui.
Mark Stephen Perez
Now send it to Hugh Jeffreys!
Etienne Belanger
I'm soooo disappointed from Google 😱😞. Great video tho thanks for your time!
Zac Brown
Zac Brown Month ago
I'd prefer an aux over plastic or metal.
stop it
stop it Month ago
Google's phones are not bad it's truly Better in software
Tempest Torchic
Tempest Torchic Month ago
if the answer is both yes or no, just say yesn't
Edward Blangsted
How do you take your grooves? I take my grooves at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7.
SN989 Month ago
Damn, this episode was intense 😳
Marco Chan
Marco Chan Month ago
Karol Kowalski
Karol Kowalski Month ago
imagine that battery would produce a single spark while sitting in that acetone xD
Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd Month ago
No one is going to cut there phone with a razor blade this is a dumb illustration
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Month ago
Atleast apple does not falsely advertise
Love your English and Accent. You are one of the purist US-firstrs around.
Emanuel Month ago
Outch! Ist's hard to watch, but it is like an accident, you have to watch.
Jacob Montez
Jacob Montez Month ago
If you watch the verges review when the phone came out they say it's a coated metal with a whole cut out. So they told reviewers. That was two months before this video. Wonder why they weren't as transparent on the website
Dima Deliu
Dima Deliu Month ago
I think the screen starts to tear at the end because you heated it up with the gun. In normal temperature conditions it probably doesn't do that
William Mclaughlin
VR headset durability testing tho?
Dark Star
Dark Star Month ago
it is plastic
Spooky Scary
Spooky Scary Month ago
Def got a jump scare from that battery.