iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone Mini - Durability Test!! 

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Its time to Durability Test the new iPhone 12 Pro MAX! Grab your Ridge Wallet HERE: www.ridge.com/JERRYRIG and use code 'JerryRig' for 10% off your order. Thanks for sponsoring this video! Apple has come out with quite a few new flavors of iPhone this year. A size for everyone. Big, Small, and regular. Today we are going to see if the size difference between the new iPhones effects the durability. Maybe it does... maybe it doesnt. The only way to know for sure is with a JerryRigEverything durability test. We'll also compare the new iPhone 'ceramic shield' to the previous versions of iPhone glass, and the results may surprise you.
Either way grab a dbrand screen protector here!: dbrand.com/tempered-glass
Watch the iPhone 12 Pro durability test here: us-first.info/player/video/grVro6eFfWiqpWQ.html
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This is the drone I use: click.dji.com/AI2tmSb0onM9XPVwb-Se0g
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Nov 16, 2020




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JerryRigEverything 4 months ago
Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! --> www.ridge.com/jerryrig Use code 'JerryRig' for 10% off your order.
Get Cliped
Get Cliped 16 days ago
You destroy so many phones you might as well send me the new iphone
XDRAGON GAMING 19 days ago
I also want iPhone 12 pro max can you gift me
Dev shrut Jain
Dev shrut Jain 22 days ago
Can you do the giveaway of this durability tested i phone to me plzzz
Dev shrut Jain
Dev shrut Jain 22 days ago
Can you do the giveaway of this duribility rested iphone to me plzz
Hunter Ghavri
Hunter Ghavri 27 days ago
You not using i phone 12 phone give me please 🥺
Rebaz Mohammed
Rebaz Mohammed 10 minutes ago
Have same wallet
hemanth C
hemanth C 7 hours ago
Give me that scratched phone I will pay u
Benny Wall
Benny Wall 7 hours ago
1:38 here
Nyos 19 hours ago
His voice reminds me of the math videos I watched in 2nd grade
Bro Bertoe
Bro Bertoe Day ago
Setiapkali mampir disini, jiwa miskinku bergetar.. menangis melihat penyiksaan sepanjang vidio😭😭😭
Star Boi
Star Boi Day ago
After 5 day inshallah I'll watch this video on my iphone 12 Pro max
Prince Khan
Prince Khan Day ago
Please don't destroy iPhone please give me 🙏🏿 please give me no destroy mobile phone
Lol in india iphone 12 pro max is "$2000" and $1099 in us but still people buy iphone in India Lol
Gamercat 2 days ago
pro max is also leaking at the end
Kathyyy S
Kathyyy S 2 days ago
“Guy from the musical”
Sean Ashton Jones
My mom just got that phone after visiting my dad
DikaD 32
DikaD 32 2 days ago
Sultan mah bebas
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 3 days ago
JerryRigEverything:Unbox and "Break" new phones! Me:Opens second hand phones and if I break it I don't even have money for repair!
SkripchaN 3 days ago
destroy 12 mini please
Soulja Ceazer
Soulja Ceazer 3 days ago
I was playin around and was bend my 12 pro max and it crakced on the bac
Omar Itani
Omar Itani 3 days ago
Can you give me mini i have iPhone 6 please mini
MR Chaiser OP
MR Chaiser OP 4 days ago
I phones are really cool 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩
Biren Hazarika
Biren Hazarika 4 days ago
Send me 1 iPhone please❤️
TuẤn K0 PHảI TUannn
The pain seeing u do that ;-;
Surkhab 4 days ago
Those where the days when iphone 6 bends after putting in back pocket 🤣🤣🤣
sugar 4 days ago
the “shatter resistant” glass is a lie in my opinion. everyone i know that owns one of these has at least one crack on the screen, and most of the phones are decked out with good cases
Sakmuhamadhu E
Sakmuhamadhu E 5 days ago
Plz sir give me any one mobile
george michael
george michael 5 days ago
6:49 Damn imagine a trillion dollar company trying to make money in a capitalist society, such a ridiculous concept Jerry.
Ali HASAN 5 days ago
Momtaz Begum
Momtaz Begum 5 days ago
Do a 12 mini teardown.
Kevin Vanev
Kevin Vanev 5 days ago
My iPhone 12 pro max sweating so hard
Minh Thiện Nguyễn
2016: 5.5 inch is iPhone plus 2021: 5.4 inch is iPhone mini 😄
Kasun Aruna
Kasun Aruna 6 days ago
Give me a phone
Goutam Boppana
Goutam Boppana 7 days ago
iphones are improving but just slower
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 8 days ago
I phoneX,11,12,12max all display design are same only hardware, software, cameras are different.this expensive i phone must be unique and different.
Rayan Khurram
Rayan Khurram 9 days ago
Please don’t break a iPhonegive it to me who has a 2gb phone
Mark Li
Mark Li 10 days ago
I am going to respond to here differently, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini are great phones you could buy, I muted Antan here for stop asking me here!!!!
NxkiiPlayz 11 days ago
Me with my iPhone 12 mini: Gotta protect it before Zach gets it.
Pickle Craft
Pickle Craft 13 days ago
Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett 14 days ago
JerryRigEverything Earlier today, when taking the case off of my IPhone 12 Pro Max to clean it, I noticed a week point in its durability. Everyone knows how hard it is to bend these newer iPhones. However, when twisting the phone from the top left corner and the lower right corner, you immediately realize how much it’s flexes with little force. Let me know if you see this as well. It’s potential for inclusion during your durability tests may be warranted.
Kenaz Wilder
Kenaz Wilder 14 days ago
A $1 bill? Finally. Something I can afford.
Bengali Bangle
Bengali Bangle 14 days ago
EdgarSkie 15 days ago
Ngayo ko cp be
KillZipZ 15 days ago
2:29 Maybe they'll catch up in a couple of years , you spoke the hype out my friend ...
Dian Ardiansyah
Dian Ardiansyah 15 days ago
Cant i borrow one
Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa 16 days ago
can i get that phone even tho it’s scratched
Eggwardo 789
Eggwardo 789 16 days ago
maybe next year we will have scratches at a level 7 and deeper grooves at a level 8
Zach Budnick
Zach Budnick 17 days ago
The phones units look nice
林俊良 17 days ago
Hobert Lee :-\
Hobert Lee :-\ 17 days ago
Apples are supposed to be eaten right? 😂
Amalfedaric A
Amalfedaric A 18 days ago
Apple knows that Jerry gonna rig this too
Gandalfwiz2007 18 days ago
The power drill is a fake test, the drill bit has a dull tip
Ron Likes Trainspotting
Did you record this at 2am?
Kamal Mandava
Kamal Mandava 19 days ago
Why don't you even give me that tested Mobile, that might be the first ever gift that I am going to get in my life 😢, and for people like me the iPhone is just like stars in the sky which we are never going to get
Kalinga Kumar
Kalinga Kumar 19 days ago
How much price of testing iphone ??
CrankThatRebecca 19 days ago
when the phone you have (big one) is being praised for somethings-
Mo 20 days ago
Bet he just walks into into the apple store and goes like: “can buy that, can I buy that and can I buy that, but can I get 4 of each please” Cashier: 😨
Sandeep Nagarjuna
Sandeep Nagarjuna 20 days ago
I came here to see bend test "again"
Mohammad GHAFOURI 20 days ago
Noooooooo😭😭 I dont Have good Phone
AChris 4663
AChris 4663 20 days ago
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar 21 day ago
Kelvinnotfound 22 days ago
jerry with the silver amex!
Anastasis M.
Anastasis M. 22 days ago
5:10 it's time to leave the video.
Shah Dujana
Shah Dujana 22 days ago
Please help me anyone- Can my finger nails scratch the anodized aluminum of the iphone 12 mini?
Dev shrut Jain
Dev shrut Jain 22 days ago
Can you do the giveaway of this durability tested i phone to me plzzz
KNIGHT ACERS 23 days ago
i'm the bald guy
AMAZ1NGCHR1S 23 days ago
Hey would you appreciate giving me a iPhone 12 pro max 128gb gold or iphone 12 mini red 128gb
xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ
Don't you hate it when you realise samsung's note 1 from 11 years ago is larger than the iphone 12 mini from 2020
Mobile Fixing
Mobile Fixing 24 days ago
hello bro
CJPlayz 25 days ago
Waiting for All the Hamilton fans in the comments
aditya dixit
aditya dixit 25 days ago
option 1- (iPhone XS Max 256 gb and iPhone 12 mini 128 gb) option 2- (iPhone 12 Pro max 256 gb) With which option should I go ahead with?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 25 days ago
The lean canada laparoscopically dust because seed genomically disagree failing a boundless sign. annoying, hypnotic harmonica
Abdallah najm
Abdallah najm 26 days ago
مين عربي يثبت وجوده بلايك
Tawsif Samiul
Tawsif Samiul 26 days ago
you can gift me a Iphone 12 mini with out breaking it......... will make me happy 🙂🙂
Omar Orttort
Omar Orttort 26 days ago
Will Fish MW
Will Fish MW 26 days ago
Lol apple bad funny haha
khristiandt 26 days ago
listening to your voice while ure doing this makes me confused on whether i should be sad and stressed about the phones or be relaxed cuz u have a relaxing voice..
robert todd
robert todd 26 days ago
That wallet will destroy your car seat!!!
snowy ice
snowy ice 26 days ago
I have the 12 mini
polarity 27 days ago
"Scratch resistant coating" *VISIBLE SCRATCHES*
Bentley Steven-Lee Dolzadelli
Jerry’s favorite thing to say “Scratches at a level 6 and deeper groves at a Level 7
Mihai Petre
Mihai Petre 27 days ago
Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 8
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect Month ago
When you scratch I feel heart attack
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump Month ago
Everyone say it with me, that drill is too God damn loud. Giggity
Karen Rodriguez
Karen Rodriguez Month ago
Just give me the phone. I really need phone.. mine is Iphone 5 and its very old 🙏🙏🙏🙏
TheSlayer2737 4 days ago
Shut up
Aidan Month ago
Anyone else seeing how strong their new phone 12 pro Max is?
CharliePuth Fan
CharliePuth Fan 2 days ago
The Video Gamer
The Video Gamer Month ago
Sorry siri 😂
Claire Sumaliling
I'm planning to buy new iphone 12 pro max
Tim Lovell
Tim Lovell Month ago
Now I don’t have to wish for the I phone 12 pro max cuz I have it in my hand
playboi yn
playboi yn Month ago
What I hate about his vids is him scratching it but idc cause it's not mine but it's still scarry
BotBlaze channel
2 iphones but 3 tests 🤔🧐
NANDU NATH Month ago
give me an iphone
alicia rain
alicia rain Month ago
Wait so your telling me that iPhones DONT have split screen??
AJ R Month ago
Bro plsese answers me where did you throw all this destroyed phone 😒
Albyplaysrobloxgames ඩ
US-firstrs testing iphone 12 durability in a nutshell
love your video
nitanyess Month ago
did he really put a power drill on the phone or am i high?
River Reed
River Reed Month ago
He I don’t wave a phone can have a iPhone 11 can you git me
TheBlackestRose Month ago
Pls open the mini
Subhoraj Chakraborty
Sir give me a iphone mini plzz dnt screech phone this phone i jst love this phone love u sir😍😍😍
Adarsh Sharma
Adarsh Sharma Month ago
You need "Courage" to see his videos.. Very painful...
Oka Mohamad
Oka Mohamad Month ago
gold please
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