Fairphone 3+ Durability Test! - it feels like cheating... 

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The Fairphone 3 is a modular smartphone that suposidly is super easy to repair, and replace parts of. But is the Fairphone 3 durable? The only way to find out is with a JerryRigEverything Durability Test. This time, we'll start off by exploring the FairPhone 3's insides, since that is what it is desigend for. Then we will see what the phone is made of and if the FairPhone 3 can survive every day life.
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Feb 18, 2021




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yahya alfalah
yahya alfalah 3 hours ago
This is the only phone that I didn't care about it when you starts scratching the frame.
Rajneesh 3 hours ago
It actually looks cool
Kevin x
Kevin x 6 hours ago
One camera is fine just make it better and add a better screen and a faster CPU more RAM more memory. I would pay a thousand dollars knowing I can replace everything that goes bad for the next 10 years.
Luiz Miguel Alves
Luiz Miguel Alves 8 hours ago
Apple: 😰
bigMak Day ago
It's cool, but I'd be anxious about accidentally breaking it. They should make the next one out of metla
bigMak Day ago
It's cool, but I'd be anxious about accidentally breaking it. They should make the next one out of metla
Jens Nitschke
Watching this on my Fairphone 3+ makes me look for a thumbs up on the back :D
Poke12Gauge 2 days ago
See this is how phones should be looks like this could be a new backup
Vincent Fernandez
now you can back only the back panel and the side cover and like new again....
Logiarhythm 4 days ago
I'm always unlucky with the release dates of these phones being only one or two years after I bought another phone. So when they got released, I already had a decent working phone (especially now with Blackberry KeyOne Black from 2018), and when I needed a new one the last generation of Fairphones is slightly outdated (about in last quarter of production cycle). For now I just hope my Blackberry is going to last some more years! btw this channel helped making my decision on it ;)
BoostOrDie 4 days ago
Now all manufacturers need to come to stabdarts agreement and we can build our own phones.
Pulasthi Keragala
Wish it was priced much lower, more in the $200-$300 kinda range
Vahan Hekimyan
Vahan Hekimyan 5 days ago
When you watch this and your mother enters the room the moment Jerry starts drawing the thumb up on the back of the phone
pablo gracia sanchez
Jesuscrist loves you so much, repent of your sins and have forgive of your sins in His Name
ViewIndepth 6 days ago
Very cool kanye
Diego 7 days ago
This is absolutely amazing! Definitely getting the fairphone 4 when it comes out
Jens Gebhard
Jens Gebhard 7 days ago
Bullshit Smartphone ist will be intresting in i can change the procesor from a low 632 to and snapdragon 800 Series .... you Can all change but Not the procesor ....
Kami Madara
Kami Madara 8 days ago
If I had kids, they would get this phone. And if they break something it just gets swaped out :)
TheDude_59 8 days ago
I once read that some parts can take up to months for getting a replacement part. Can someone who has the phone and had to do replacements share more insight on this? Very nice concept, but hard to recommend the phone with such a caviat
Zaphod Beeblebrox
I ordered a new cameras (upgrade from 3 to 3+) Got it within a week On issue i have is that the plastic get quite brittle over the years
Steven Fong
Steven Fong 9 days ago
This will never become a thing.
Serina Porsche
Serina Porsche 9 days ago
Z Rus
Z Rus 9 days ago
this modularity almost like Dekstop PC,, interesting
bhaskar samani
bhaskar samani 9 days ago
the price is unfair, it's £ 399 , i would buy a £200 phone then in 2 or 2 and a half years buy a better £200 phone
Rufina72 10 days ago
I wasn't familiar with his kind of tests... it really hurt looking at this! But now I know what it's capable of, thank you!
Vince Cannava II
Vince Cannava II 10 days ago
Love this phone
Dodoby Queries
Dodoby Queries 10 days ago
I don't use fair phone but lyf brand can change any components use wish very cheaply otherwise phone are quite use and throw due lack of motherboard or screen or sim tray.
MarvelousSandstone 11 days ago
As an electronic technician specialised in repairing smaller electronics specifically: This, this is what we need in the world not more glue and more components you can barely take apart without breaking shit left right and center even if you do know what you are doing. This is how shit should be done these days, we are already drowning in electric waste that is too expensive to repair.
David Gardiner
David Gardiner 11 days ago
I like it, but there are some issues that get frustrating. The screen becomes less responsive over the course of a day, and requires a reset to regain normal responsiveness. I’ve also got a weird issue with sound balancing: it’s like the phone has an inverse sound balancing feature. If the sound of a music track or video gets quieter, the phone will decide to bump down the volume a little; if it gets louder, the phone will bump up the volume a little. It’s a strange thing. Other than that, it’s a good phone. I’d like something smaller, but I guess that’s hard to do with the modular features.
elevatorz 12 days ago
Google: We can't pull off Project Ara. Something about magnets. Fairphone: Fine, I'll do it myself.
Real Cyphox
Real Cyphox 9 days ago
Ara was going to be way more modular than the fairphone. plus no need to remove 20 screws first. try to upgrade ram, storage or the soc, oh wait, you cant
CYBERCAT 13 days ago
this reminds me of old phone. when you dropped them on the floor and the back panel flew away and even the battery
virus#1 florantejr
virus#1 florantejr 13 days ago
So sad that this phone was release only this year.
Abinandh P
Abinandh P 14 days ago
Thumbs up to Fairphone for implementing the concept and Jerry for his super cool videos. Could be awesome if consumers can choose some components of the phone based on their usage. For example the company can provide 2 or 3 options on the components say a battery of 3500 mah or 4500 mah, screen size of 5 inch or 6 inch etc...
S L 14 days ago
Thanks for the video! I really would like to see a full teardown of the Fairphone3+, including a teardown of the modules and the metal shield from the mainboard.
Muka Konkola
Muka Konkola 14 days ago
The rog broke, the fair phone didnt
John Mack
John Mack 15 days ago
I am beginning to think this whole "including" a headphone jack is just a marketing ploy! Lol
icerink239 15 days ago
I want a flagship repairable phone
Eddy yt
Eddy yt 15 days ago
"super nerds like us" boy you lucky everyone watching is a super nerd, otherwise I would have been yelling "How dare you expose us??"
conorsulli 15 days ago
Imagine if the whole smartphone industry was inovating like this for reusable upgradable devices.. I hope they find good support in the market 🥰
Vitor Schroeder Dos Anjos
Baharul Islam
Baharul Islam 17 days ago
Fairphone: We care about the phone. Also Fairphone: Includes plastic inside box. Hypocrisy.
Kenneth Wendo
Kenneth Wendo 17 days ago
...unless you own a mac!🤣🤣🤣
LeGoobeh 18 days ago
I literally heard my Fairphone scream when I saw all these rough tests D: I felt the pain eventhough it good take em quite well
Aj0jubaer Islam
Aj0jubaer Islam 18 days ago
Please give me a phone 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tim Reichardt
Tim Reichardt 18 days ago
Please make a video about Shiftphone! It's a similar concept as the Fairphone. Would be interesting to see how they both compare.
Bardhok Ajvazi
Bardhok Ajvazi 19 days ago
Watching from a fairphone 3
Andrei Secan
Andrei Secan 20 days ago
Zack is roasting Apple so much that you could probably make a compilation out of it
Lyr QK
Lyr QK 20 days ago
I'm used to older models of smartphones and I didn't even realise that the batteries are now glued in place until I found this channel. My old phone had a bad battery and sometimes I'd take it out and pop it back in to make it work, weirdly bummed that I can't do that anymore Edit: I remember now that the SD and SIM cards were *inside* the phone, blocked by the battery, so you really were meant to be able to easily remove the back and battery. I've had my current phone for a couple of years and i still don't know how it opens up (though I guess that's a good thing)
Khellendros 20 days ago
****Unless you own a Mac
Fiat Multipla
Fiat Multipla 22 days ago
2:39 that caught me off guard😂😂
unbekannt unbekant
unbekannt unbekant 22 days ago
i wish i had one in shool time and then open it and rebuild it every houer insted of a pencil
Mr. X
Mr. X 22 days ago
Why google dont make phones like this??
Can Kaplan
Can Kaplan 16 days ago
Do you want it?
Kimion 23 days ago
THis is probably gonna be my next and last smartphone
hold my groza
hold my groza 23 days ago
Project Ara
Grant White
Grant White 23 days ago
Wish I had seen this before buying a new iPhone SE. Definitely a company I want to support!
Raiden Derp
Raiden Derp 24 days ago
i had to replace the screen on my s8 last year... took me 2 hours and was a total pain in the ass, still worth it to me over this to have a flagship. if you break your phone all the time this might make sense but to me 2 hours of maintenance and 170$ over 3 years is a small price to pay for what i got out of it.
toshineon 24 days ago
Oh, a plastic back cover. How am I now supposed to get that "premium feel" from glass, for about 10 seconds before I slap a plastic case on it?
Dark Graza
Dark Graza 24 days ago
This company should make flagships so that I can buy it and use it for 5yrs.
Not Sure
Not Sure 25 days ago
Android is just too open with no focus on a specific architecture, Gameboy should have been a lesson on how this is done. Instead they focus on the brute strength of the Phone processing power. Fair phone partnered with one of the other OS’s targeted at it's hardware and made the experience long lived.
Regino O. Piansay
Regino O. Piansay 25 days ago
fairphone vs rog phone 5
Games will be on this channel lan
He is so quiet lol.
CrusaderCenty [leba]
I bet this marketing will survive. Other giant smartphone brands like apple will find a way for it to fail.Mind asking why apple didnt do this at the very first place? Duhhh. Sup zack! 🙂
先生CherryPepsi 25 days ago
The fact that a replaceable battery is a bragging point nowadays is weird
Doğa Doğu
Doğa Doğu 25 days ago
I fell i nlove with this!!
Виктор Иванов
Well, nerds like us usually don't need a 10 cameras setup so 2 (one on the back and one on the front) is pretty enough.
Finn -The GoldenCrest
That's fair deal 🤣
Mr_Fantastic_Aj 26 days ago
This is a phone I think I'd like. Hate upgrading, turn half of the features off anyway. Along as I got my US-first music messages and Internet id be sorted
Milan Lama
Milan Lama 26 days ago
You were never partial
Alansar Trignot
Alansar Trignot 26 days ago
Lmfao, a phone this cheap survives this guys bending durability test while a $1000 phone breaks within 2 seconds
jordan secrist
jordan secrist 26 days ago
This concept is what all phones should be. If I want to have the highest end looking phone with cheap components I should be able. If I want a cheap simple phone with the best components I should be able. If I want a mix for the best value I should be able. I really don’t care much about having cameras on my phone. Just having one or two decent is perfectly fine. I want tons of ram, a fast cpu, a bunch of nvme storage, a big battery, a high res high refresh screen, WiFi 6, and thunderbolt 4/usb4. I want it to be a smaller phone like the iPhone mini. No bezels, no chin, with a touch button under the glass that doubles as finger print. That’s my perfect phone. Add a tempered glass covered e-ink display on the back to save battery and let you pick different designs. Would be even better if it was a full color e-ink display.
jordan secrist
jordan secrist 26 days ago
Only 64gb of storage.
jordan secrist
jordan secrist 26 days ago
The phone is Comme ci comme ça
ZaynXT 26 days ago
I miss being able to open up my phone's back cover
hasan kharfan
hasan kharfan 26 days ago
2:39 🤣🤣🤣
Christian Méza
Christian Méza 26 days ago
Jay Jay Blakemore
Jay Jay Blakemore 26 days ago
2:39 made me chuckle a little.
Carz Lavoiture
Carz Lavoiture 26 days ago
ok i want this.
d norm
d norm 26 days ago
Sounds like a great kids first phone. You know things are going to be broken, damaged or cracked, great that you can just replace those parts without the massive expense.
kydrythm 26 days ago
Suposidly??? Bro you butchered "supposedly" in the video description. Yikes.
Pritam Sadhukhan
Pritam Sadhukhan 27 days ago
Fairphone 3
SueMe YT
SueMe YT 27 days ago
Really missed that clacking sound while fixing that back panel from the old day's ... That sound feels so satisfying. 😌😌😌
Computer Aided World
It's what the world needs.
Birdz_cool 27 days ago
It feels like they made this phone for zach
iTS. Azeem
iTS. Azeem 27 days ago
The whole removable battery thing was so embarrassing lol I dropped my lg in like 7th grade and never heard then end of it ☠️
berandal elit
berandal elit 28 days ago
That's awesome concept in this time 👍👍👍
kokuszdio10 28 days ago
Well even if it is not the most high tech phone, its good to see someone think about repairability. If you are younger, or older, or even in business, its a good way to have and keep a phone device cheap, and you have a working phone. Simple to change anything, you can upgrade. It wont spread in the usa, or any wealthier country, but in third world countries i think it can, if they advertising it enough.
Bheshaj B
Bheshaj B 28 days ago
Such a beautiful concept!!! But never gonna buy that even if it's free. I mean, it's more ancient looking than se 2020
Richard Hall
Richard Hall 28 days ago
"abnormally reasonable" Yes indeed. There's something particularly unhealthy about the mainstream obselescenc-by-design philosophy. It doesn't have to be that way and there are plenty of companies in other markets that try to support their products for a long time. You wouldn't treat your new friends like that ( I know we've only just met but I'm going to screw you for every penny and then ignore you after two years) unless you were a psychopath. I haven't tried the Fairphone yet but I have a Teracube phone and the software is "abnormally reasonable" too. Setting it up was a pleasure because it didn't try to persuade me to get a manufacturer specific ID or install desktop or security software (first 3 months free only £1/ month after that etc).
Arya Susila Nugraha
I want that phoneeee But in Indonesia it's so expensive to buy phone from overseas
jaguarul gamer
jaguarul gamer 29 days ago
JerryRig i can give You video idea? Video idea get doogee s96 pro durability test??
FLOPPA 29 days ago
Great, but it sucks that we still have choose between a phone that sucks but is easily repairable and a phone that is great but sucks to repair.
Swetang Sharma
Swetang Sharma 29 days ago
This phone is built to troll iphone
kevinpunya 29 days ago
Unless you're a Mac
Pino Mue
Pino Mue Month ago
I wish you would talk about the customer service- I have had massive problems with my Fairphone- it takes about 5 days until someone gets back to you- or even longer. I totally regret my purchase,. What use is a relatively fair phone if essential functions do not work.
Elliot ko
Elliot ko Month ago
If it had a better cpu or option for a better one. I would totally buy it.
VividVG Month ago
0:37 : *yo*
Kristijan Antolovic
Thank you for this video, when my phone dies in a year or two, I will get a Fairphone! :)
Gysberthony Bokkothan
I like the concept, but I have read in long term reviews that some of the components are unreliable and malfunction more than average. They have to replace the parts sometimes within a year after purchase. Making the phone potentially not better for the environment because you have to replace parts often. I am not sure if this is true, it is just what I read on some forums. Maybe someone here has experience with that?
Nagy Istvan-Sebastian
Awesome idea!
Katleho R. Makhoba
and boom NEW PHONE WHO THIS 😂 😂 😂
Jiarui Yu
Jiarui Yu Month ago
2:38 me (mac user): nooooooooooooo
Mechagodzilla Roar
Mechagodzilla Roar