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Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 22 hours ago
5:09 who notice tha Phone in the Background
dreamz 22 hours ago
I’m watching this on my iPhone 12
R3X_X Gaming
R3X_X Gaming 22 hours ago
9:48 curved phone monitor?
Bootyclap69k 23 hours ago
You are sus and I like it
rolly morauda
rolly morauda 23 hours ago
Hello pls make a durability test on redmagic 6 and if ur have another redmagic 6 pls give me heheeh my phone is not good i bought this last 2018 or 2017:(
ANT 23 hours ago
My bot can do that
Gamers Hut
Gamers Hut 23 hours ago
Please review on black shark 4 & 4 pro cooling system🥶🥶🥶...does they really work or not Give us a teardown video and bend test please... Requesting you🥰
Richie Junior
Richie Junior 23 hours ago
What phone do you use now
Tommy's Mum
Tommy's Mum 23 hours ago
Do Redmi note 10 pro next
Mohamed Shehata
Mohamed Shehata 23 hours ago
A comparison with it’s competitor Xiaomi’s Redmi note 10 pro would be great.
Gamers Hut
Gamers Hut 23 hours ago
Please🥰🥰...review on blacl shark 4 teardown and its cooling system🥶🥶🥶
ItzCallum 23 hours ago
To enable it again you don't need to get a super you just need to get the driver out and back in then boom your car can go on autopilot again
Imaginary Parsnip
Imaginary Parsnip 23 hours ago
"I do hope i dont have to give it [Most Delusive Award] next year" as he flashes into Agent 47 for a split second, please record a California Kill Everyone Challenge and have Bigmooney do the voiceover Aaaaalright, today we're gonna make Tim Apple go cocopops!
bing bong
bing bong 23 hours ago
Raycons? Jerry really?
_ ZAVALA 23 hours ago
Isn't it a 4400 mAh battery?
RokSimmer (gal4God)
RokSimmer (gal4God) 23 hours ago
Awesome!!! I’m gonna get a company to install one.
Samuel Copeland
Samuel Copeland 22 hours ago
Do you have $8000 dollars to pay for the elevator and the company to install the elevator.
John Guhiling
John Guhiling 23 hours ago
Waiting for samsung a72 teardown🙂
Norrotaku 23 hours ago
I was debating clicking on this but seeing Craig and Jack made me happy (the hover prieview showed racon and I was offput before even clicking, I dont like raycon)
Sara Rifat
Sara Rifat 23 hours ago
Guest appearance from Truckla at the end of the video
Mike Cui
Mike Cui 23 hours ago
The last time Craig and Raycons were featured on the same channel, it was DankPods.
Pouya Mahmoudi
Pouya Mahmoudi 23 hours ago
Doctor Jerry Rig: *Starts the surgery.* Patient: Dude I'm still awake!
RHM Reborn
RHM Reborn 23 hours ago
3000Tonnen Koala
The one with the frog is instantly worth double the price 👍
Cowboy Jack
Cowboy Jack Day ago
At 0:52 my face really went from 😐 to 😖
SR Sykes
SR Sykes Day ago
Mr. Faraday said the wireless charging should have been your clue that it was not 100% encased in metal. And you should have mentioned that there was metal missing over the camera lenses, speaker openings, microphone hole and USB port. And please don't forget the metal missing over the SIM card keyhole.
Asemov Day ago
The inside of this phone looks like one of those fake iPhone/Samsung clones from WISH. Similar camera setup (Minus gluing fake cameras to the glass on the back) Similar cheap looking blue motherboard with wires thrown about the phone - Instead of individual tracers on the board. It's actually REALLY interesting to see the difference in engineering on this phone compared to the more premium brands.
Hamza Boutahar
Nta khaseq li y7wiq
imicca Day ago
4400mah battery
Sebastian Suarez
Didn't you completely killed all antennae by doing this? Not only wireless charging and NFC but also WiFi, 3G, 4G, everything, they're in those plastic pieces. They ain't there for nothing. Hope you clarify this somehow in this video Zack
Sebastian Suarez
Didn't you completely killed all antennae by doing this? Not only wireless charging and NFC but also WiFi, 3G, 4G, everything, they're in those plastic pieces. They ain't there for nothing. Hope you clarify this somehow in this video Zack
RedSus Gaming
Stop promoting the most overpriced earbuds in the world.
The Broker
The Broker Day ago
The Broker
The Broker Day ago
Pocp f3
Paulo Wictor
Paulo Wictor Day ago
Dói no peito, que judiação e foda ser brasileiro
Sonic Day ago
The Microsoft duo is the worst
Lion's heart
Lion's heart Day ago
We want a video on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, please
Mohamed Adnan N
"Like a little Lego" fav phrase ❤️...
Mynona Amabo
Mynona Amabo Day ago
It's always sad to see when a youtuber whose opinion you really respect takes a sponsorship deal from Raycon makes you really question their integrity
Nixol16 Day ago
Hey Jerry. What's your subscriber goal ?
Manvanshu Goyal
Took 5 times to re load this video and i finally skipped that ad
Can you durability test and teardown the samsung sgr a1?
Lewis Lee
Lewis Lee Day ago
1997 - Nokia “ We will call it.....mini me”
John Halliday
Zack should 'teardown' the raycons
Jarod David
Jarod David Day ago
Do a durability test on the Mi 11 Ultra. It has ceramic back :D
shahjalal uddin tushaar
Vivo x Series
Brandon Legacy
Boy: Does size matter? Girl : yes.
Km The Bohemian
Only samsung makes 108mp censors or higher now
Ultra Nova
Ultra Nova Day ago
Nah. It's the asus rog fold
It`s almost similar to a Samsung J3 plastic frame with screen placement, except for Samsung had a removable back.
chaaz beats
chaaz beats Day ago
4:45 My guy using auto tune 😂
Gabriel c sabela
Gaming phones need to be made durable because some gamers destroy the there phone
Holyskin Day ago
yup i'm poor
Valentino Raptavi
Make a video about Samsung Galagy S20 FE
Cole Cola
Cole Cola Day ago
Let’s go I’m mean let’s get started
Heru Rishardana
You would make a great forensic doctor though 😁
SupaFly::. Day ago
The definition of a Glass Cannon XD
Javi Ordonez
Javi Ordonez Day ago
HELP PLEASE! I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 flat. It has the screen broken, so it won´t turn on. The only thing that is working is the Little led light. I have another Samsung S6 flat, it works perfectly fine. If I take the motherboard from the broken S6 and change it to put it inside the working S6, will it work? Like, am I gonna have everything back? all the data, pictures, lockscreen, everything like I used to have in the old one?
A Day ago
Please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD be careful when guiding that "EVER GIVEN" sized sim tray back in. That canal- ..er uh -tray opening isn't very wide, tray gets stuck and who knows how bad that could back up communications
RigofDisease Day ago
um... How can we visually see the amazing quality of 8k and the colours.... on a 1080p regular monitor... hm
tsgtolis Day ago
you should start making clear phones again
Video Maker
Video Maker Day ago
The iPhone 11 seemed like it had deeper scratches
Patricia Manroe
I got the iPhone 12 Pro Max about 4 months ago. It's a great phone with a great camera. For photos or video, it does it all. I love the 128Gig model, more than the 16G or 32G of my android phones.
timmyvechett Day ago
take raycons apart
Zende0202 Players
My heart 💔💔
Banker Dave
Banker Dave Day ago
•{Amber The Weirdo}•
I shattered my screen...
Alluw Akbah
Alluw Akbah Day ago
Just don’t buy racons their shit
37 er
37 er Day ago
2:37 The Galaxy s4 was similiar
cody1212143 Day ago
Cannot believe even you got sucked into advertising terrible ear buds !....
Matthew Snowdon
Is there some gardening videos coming at some point i quite enjoyed seeing you guys planting veggies and stuff
X TROX Gaming
Give me phone bro.😭 any one needed
DigitalSea Day ago
I can actually appreciate how easy that battery is to replace.
Tanmay Limje
Tanmay Limje Day ago
i think greg will take on his job one day
B H Day ago
Christopher Brock
Lol I'm dying over the I'd make a terrible doctor comment
paul marshall
Wgmhy haven't you covered the oppo find x3? I've beening checking the channel every week
joshgd86 Day ago
So Craig is now "Craig the pirate", since he's blind on one eye (the front camera should be still working)
GAMING X Day ago
Nubia red magic 6
Emil Holst
Emil Holst Day ago
The amount of jokes xD